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Speed Governor System

A speed governor system is a device which can be attached to any vehicle or heavy equipment which is capable of limiting the maximum driving speed to a preset value. This can be either with a cable the mechanism which will be controlling the accelerator cable when the speed reaches a preset speed or with a solenoid mechanism a fuel control unit capable of controlling the flow of fuel to the engine when the preset speed is detected or with electronic pedal interphase which will be detecting and controlling electronic pulses with the help of sensors when the preset speed reaches.


 Speed Governor

A few years back,our Ministry of Road Transport and Highways passed an order in the interest of road safety,saying all passenger and goods vehicles must have speed limiting devices. But the government had to keep extending the deadline because many states were not prepared for it. We are one of the top speed governors deals in kerala. And while some are now carrying out this order, several taxi unions,truck operators,transport bodies,etc,have opposed it and gone to the courts. A few judges have suggested that the government should reconsider the rule for at least those vehicles in which such speed-limiting devices or speed governors are presently not available. There is also the question of retro-fitment of these in older vehicles as it's a massive exercise and extremely difficult to monitor

A speed governor is a tool which is used to controlling the speed of an engine based on the capacity demands. Basic governors sense speed and sometimes load of the best mover and change the power source to maintain the wanted level. So it’s simply considered as a device giving automatic-control (either pressure or temperature) or limitation of speed.

Purpose of Speed Governor:

1. To dynamically control the normal speed of the engine within the detailed limits, whenever there is a change of the load.
2. To improve the fuel supply to the engine as per load requirements.
3. To regulate the base speed of the engines.
4. It works intermittently i.e., only there’s change within the load.